Eco Friendly ultrasonic mosquito killer Led Insect Killing Lamp , ultrasonic fly repellent

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name TaiMI
Certification CE,ROHS
Model Number TM-QW-JD9500
Minimum Order Quantity Negotiable
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details color box
Delivery Time 2 weeks
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram/Paypal
Supply Ability 1000000pcs/Month
Product Details
Product Material ABS Mosquito Typet Photocatalyst Mosqui
Applicable Area <20 Square Meters Color White / Green / Red / Orange
Type Plug In Play Pest Control Type Pesticide
High Light

ultrasonic fly repellent


ultrasonic fly repeller

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Product Description

Eco-Friendly Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent Led Insect Killing Lamp



•Led Light Source, 360 - Degree Light - Emitting Without Blind Angle.


•Integrally Molded Bottom Box To Store Dead Mosquitoes : No Rust, No Deformation, Better Ventilated, More Durable.

•Anti - Off Funnel Design : Mosquitoes Only Enter To Be Killed.

•The Motor Is Efficient, Saving And Quiet: No Noise And Unpleasant Odor When It Works, To Make You Feel At Ease Sleep.

•When It's Placed One Meter High, The Effect Within 20 Square Meters Is Best.


CSB16 Flea free Light utilized high-tech microelectronic technology and specifically designed for your pets. It produces 20 ~ 40KHZ swept ultrasound to kill the surrounding insects. It is an effective and safe insect killer which contains no chemicals and no side effects and it is harmless to the humans and the pets. At the same time it is an advanced mosquito zapper, widely used in villas, gardens, residential areas, hotels, apartments, schools, field, farms, and other environmental. There are two gears on the Flea Free Light, one is flea free gear and the other is mosquito-kill gear.


How does it work?

Ultrasound is beyond the hearing range of humans, dogs and cats. It generate 40KHZ swept ultrasound in use and fleas does not like the sound. It is 4 feet radiation range, so it can be used in pet cage or pet nest. The device must be pointed at ground in order for reach the maximum coverage of the ultrasonic wave. Before using the Flea free Light, please comb your pet. Keep combing the pet`s hair at least 5days. As a result, Full protection may take up to 6 weeks.



Applicable for dogs, cats, and other pets.

No chemicals or pesticides required.

Keep pets calm and comfortable while repelling fleas, bugs, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders, ants.

Safe, No-toxic and Pet Friendly

No odor, no fuss, and no mess

Coverage: 4 feet


Off,Light flash ,ultrasonic sound pest repeller,Light long light,mosquito killer



◆Please read the owner`s guide before use.

◆This product may present a slipping or tripping hazard. Use with caution and safety in mind.

◆Don’t put your hands into the machine or fiddle with it while it’s working, in case of being scratched by the fan or other accidents .

◆Don’t move or fiddle with the machine when it’s working in case of accidents .

◆Keep your device and all accessories out of the reach of small children. Small parts may cause choking or serious injury if swallowed.

◆The plug should be pulled out before clearing the storage room . Don’t clean the storage room with power on.

◆Don`t clean the machine by strong impregnant, water or damp cloth.use dry and soft cloth with some neuter wash to clean the machine.

◆Don`t drop the machine and make strong striking on it.

◆Avoid exposing your device to very cold or very hot temperatures(below 0℃ or above 45℃)extreme temperatures can cause the deformation of the device.

◆Do not use this product near fire or open flame. Not for use by children.

◆Don’t use the machine where ultraviolet light or Fluorescent ; light is strong . Use it where baby and children could not touch.

◆Please contact local distributor if finding product quality problems. Don’t open or fix it without permission.



◆1. Input Voltage: 5V

◆2. Rated power : 5W

◆3. Net weight : 400g

◆4. Package size : 176ⅹ176ⅹ205mm


When as Mosquito zapper

How does it work?

Mosquito zapper is a device using light, smell,wind and integrated technology to kill insects, and is the world's most advanced and environmentally friendly products. After years of study by the international mosquito experts, mosquitoes depending on the carbon dioxide emitted by human breath to find people, when they recognize the carbon dioxide gas, they fly immediateyl to the direction. Mosquitoes also have phototaxis and low wind resistance, but UV light attracts them . When the mosquito Once sucked into the capture window, definitely it is difficult to escape the strong vortex formed by the fan, they will be sucked into the fan at the bottom of the trap until dried and died.the wavelength 360-380 nm, harmless to human body; a trace amounts of carbon dioxide and water from photocatalysis, equivalent to the human breath without any toxic chemical ingredients; photocatalytic reaction can also clean the air, effectively kill all bacterias in the air, absorb various toxic and harmful gases. It has the same killing effect in flies and moths. The overall performance is superior to other anti-mosquito products. Its biggest feature is that: You can continue to kill mosquitoes in the same space, so as to effectively interrupt the breeding cycle of the mosquito populations in and around a large area of space, to kill hordes Mosquitocide effect.



1. Using UV light traps, human breath trap, air trapping and other integrated technologies, improve trapping mode and effect.

2. Photocatalytic mosquito traps using fan vortex formed so that mosquitoes die of dehydration dried, no electric shock in the mosquito traps,no "flap" noise, no high voltage to bring surprises, so it is more secure and reliable.

3. Captured live mosquitoes may emit some chemical signal also known as sexual information to attract opposite sex to close up , so the device can continuously catching and killing mosquitoes.

4. Because it can capture continuous mosquitoes around, so that it can effectively interrupt the breeding cycle of mosquitoes swarm around the space, to kill the swarms of mosquitoes.

5. By using imported photocatalyst , Light-catalyzed reaction can simulate the moist breath from human breath to entice mosquitoes , also can purify the air by killing kinds of bacteria in the air and absorbing hazardous gas.

6. The sealed storage box for mosquitoes can avoid secondary pollution of spatter of mosquito wreckage.

7. The device has a generous appearance, small and elegant , soft light, not influence sleep and also can concurrently be little night-light.


Using methods

1. Plug into the power source terminal for using. Cut off the electricity supply and pull the plug out when no need work.

2. Put the mosquito-trap device at the height of one meter table and it’s better working when there is no one.

3. Pull out the plug before clearing the storage room of mosquitoes . Then remove the storage room and clear up the residue . Finally rotate and tighten up the storage room to the device.

4. When the device is used in house, man could leave for a moment with the mosquito-killing time set at several hours before sleeping. If there’re many furniture in house, the time of setting out of hiding mosquitoes is different, so that more time is needed to kill mosquitoes.

5. When the device is used in office , location of business or fieldwork , it can be started at dusk. By closing the other lights and using the device through the whole night , mosquitoes are almost trapped and killed.

6. Don’t pull out plug immediately right after mosquitoes are caught. Remain the draught fan in operation until mosquitoes are dead by air drying.

Eco Friendly ultrasonic mosquito killer Led Insect  Killing Lamp , ultrasonic fly repellent 0